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Journal of Humanistic Approach to Sport and Exercise Studies (HASES) is a refereed international journal dedicated to promoting scholarly exchange among researchers, scientists, professors, and students in the field of physical education and sport sciences. This journal is published continuously in online versions with 4 volumes per year. And hence, Journal of Humanistic Approach to Sport and Exercise Studies (HASES) will serve the global sport sciences community with the latest research outcomes.

In line with the aims, vision, and policies of the journal and to exercise scientific capabilities and develop research collaborations, a memorandum of understanding was concluded between the scientific journal "Humanistic Approach to Sport and Exercise Studies (HASES)" and the scientific association of "Iranian Motor Behavior and Sport Psychology (IMBSP)".

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Editors-in-Chief and Managing Editor
Prof. Mohammad VaezMousavi, Imam Hossein University, Iran

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Assistant Professor. Amin Amini, Imam Hossein University, Iran

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Prof. Rahim Ramzaninejad, University of Guilan, Iran

Prof. Saeed Sadeghi Broujerdi, University of Kurdistan, Iran
Prof. Mehdi Sohrabi, Ferdowsi University of Mashhad (FUM), Iran
Prof. Farshad Tojari, Islamic Azad University of Central Tehran Branch (IAUCTB), Iran
Prof. Mohammad VaezMousavi, Imam Hossein University, Iran

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Humanistic Approach to Sport and Exercise Studies (HASES)
2021 August 23
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Humanistic Approach to Sport and Exercise Studies (HASES)

2022، Volume 2، Number 1

Online ISSN: 2783-3453

Director-in-Charge: Professor Mohammad VaezMousavi

Editor-in-Chief: Professor Mohammad VaezMousavi

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Professor Mohammad VaezMousavi graduated with a Ph.D. in Psychology from the University of Wollongong, Australia in 1994. Because of his background in sport sciences, he was interested in the psychophysiology of voluntary human movements and wrote his doctoral dissertation on the same subject. Ten years later, when he was on sabbatical leave at the Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience at Wollongong University, he followed suit. Due to his background in sports science and psychology, he was able to establish applied sports psychology in Iran. He is the founder of the Center for Sports Psychology at the National Olympic Academy. His idea of ​​establishing graduate courses in sports psychology has led to hundreds of students now studying in the field. He is also the head of the Sports Psychology Commission at the National Olympic Committee and in the Organization of the Psychology Organization. During his academic career, he has authored 5 books, translated 25 books, and published 200 scientific articles in the field of sport and exercise psychology.
  1. Would you please tell us about your goal in launching this journal? And what are the differences between this journal and other journals in the field that already being published.
My goal is launching this journal is to provide a good platform for publishing scientific articles in the field of physical education and sports sciences. In my opinion, we have made a mistake in the strategy of spreading scientific journals so far. Publishing a large number of scientific journals in Persian has been a big mistake that we have made in the last 40 years and we continue to do so now. Assuming that we support the Persian language in this way, we did not allow our researchers to be recognized in the world and to establish academic communication with other researchers, despite the extraordinary research they have done. English is the language of world science; Learning this language and writing is an advantage that must be achieved. Writing an article in the field of sports science in Persian not only did not support the Persian language, but also hit it by creating and inventing new and mostly confused words. My other motivation for publishing this journal is to help make the publishing climate healthier. I am not satisfied with the situation of publishing articles in the country. A significant number of journals are involved in corruption, and in non-corrupt journals there is widespread indiscipline, so that a paper may be undecided even one year after submitting the article to the journal. That's why I decided to publish a journal that makes decisions at a reasonable speed without getting involved in corruption or indiscipline. In fact, my ultimate goal is to ease the pain of publishing papers, after doing a good job in research.
Thus, the difference between this journal and the journals currently published in the country is that the authenticity of the data and the soundness of the research from which the article is extracted are given more importance than the relevant turnover. The author does not spend much time to publish his / her article, and receives useful feedback from the reviewers of the article that helps him / her to publish it.
  1. What is your vision for this journal, special for the “sport and exercise psychology” which is your field of expertise?
My vision for this magazine is that the magazine, because of its meritorious services, and because of the quality of its articles, be registered in world-renowned indexes; In this way, articles from all over the world will be sent to the magazine. Therefore, this journal finds a worthy place in the development of sports science.
To reach that goal, this journal has to offer services to the authors similar to these:
  • Giving feedback to the author as soon as possible, for example, up to one week after the submission of the article;
  • If the article does not have the necessary quality for publication, the author should be given recommendations that can be used to improve the quality of his article;
  • Services such as English editing, scientific editing, statistical consulting, etc. are available in the journal;
  • Accepted articles to be published as soon as possible;
  1. How would you describe a submission that grabs your attention and get you excited?
An article that takes a step forward. I am not looking for articles that want to solve all human problems. In my opinion, it is a good article that takes a step forward and answers just one more question, based on previous research findings. I think this article explains the problem well and uses a reasonable methodology.


Journal Information

  • Current Issue: 2022، Volume 2، Number 1
  • Online ISSN: 2783-3453
  • Director-in-Charge: Professor Mohammad VaezMousavi
  • Editor-in-Chief: Professor Mohammad VaezMousavi
  • Publisher: HASES

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