Professor Mehdi Sohrabi

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Professor Mehdi Sohrabi, a member of the editorial board of the journal, answered our questions about the quality of Iranian scientific journals and how to increase this quality. I draw your attention to this valuble interview.

Dear professor Sohrabi,
Thank you for your time. As the first question, I would like to ask you about the potential of Iranian Journals in meeting the needs of the young scientific community. How would you evaluate that? Or they only reflect students’ research work?
  1. As you have rightly pointed out in the question, the vast majority of journals in the field of sports science, according to the needs of graduate students, are articles extracted from their dissertations or theses.  Therefore, the publication of these researches is based on solving the country's sports problems ; I hope that steps will be taken in this regard. Of course, this entails the interaction of sports researchers, presenters and coaches, and therefore the need to remove the barriers between the two is strongly felt.

In your opinion, what would be the reasons Iranian Journals could not attract subscribers from outside the country?

2) The reasons for not attracting foreign audiences for domestic publications should be sought in several areas:
    1. The quality of publications and language of magazines (non-English). If the results of the researchers' investigations are properly and comprehensibly translated into English according to the desired standard, they can attract a good range of foreign audiences. Of course, the lack of indexing of publications in reputable global citation databases due to the issues and problems I mentioned earlier are other weaknesses.
    2. Lack of accurate and sometimes incomplete reporting by researchers is another factor that does not persuade foreign researchers to cite domestic articles. The lack of transparency in the results of some articles will also add to this problem.

If improving the level of Iranian scientific journals be our goal, what would be your suggestions to facilitate it?
3) My suggestion is to first review and revise the domestic publications. Of course, this should be done by the Publications Review Commission in the related body of government. Therefore, publications that do not meet the required standards for various reasons, including financial issues, should be revoked in terms of their licenses. Secondly, valuable publications in the field of sports should be supported. In addition, in order to attract foreign and domestic audiences, it is better to publish bilingual publications and be more careful in the quality of translating reports into English. In the end, I respect your valuable concern and I wish you all the best.

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